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Integrating Jesuit values isn't totally necessary, but it seems like a good experience to have at a Jesuit University. I would, but the Jesuit values are something that can be omitted to be replaced with something else. Although it was nice to connect the ideas, I don't think people got a lot out of it. I liked reading and writing the Gig part not so hot on the Jesuit values part. Maybe something to incorporate other faith traditions? The book was very enjoyable and I have a learned a lot based off of these interviews.

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I do understand how being a private Jesuit school would want to elevate its values and create an assignment rooted in this, but I still felt bombarded with religion, especially when I have no rapport with Xavier's definition of "God. Conclusion In general, I was pleased with the assignment. Students' analyses of what work means to people, how Jesuit values are manifested in people's work, and where there are opportunities to integrate such values were thoughtful and insightful. I delighted in reading their papers. Students' reactions to the assignment indicated that they generally enjoyed the assignment and felt it was worthwhile in terms of their learning.

In perhaps the ultimate indication of enjoyment, several students mentioned that they would not be selling the Gig book back at the end of the semester! However, I am also left with thoughts to ponder in terms of offering this or a similar assignment in the future. Pre-assignment, students seemed to have very different levels of exposure to and knowledge of the Jesuit values. Although I provided the students resources, perhaps additional in-class time devoted to education in this area would be advised.

In addition, in the post-assignment survey, several students seemed disinterested in Jesuit values altogether, whether based on their personal beliefs or other reasons not stated. Although the Jesuit values are based in the Catholic faith tradition, I had not perceived them as exclusive based on my perception that serving others or taking time to reflect, for example, are values found in a multitude of faith traditions and even among those with no faith tradition. However, several students seemed to feel excluded by this aspect of the assignment, and I will need to contemplate if there is anything I can do to increase the inclusivity of the assignment in the future.

I do plan to continue to integrate Ignatian Spirituality and Jesuit Values in my courses going forward. As one student mentioned in his or her reaction, they "don't get enough interaction with this spirituality especially in business classes! Reference 1 The assignment is adapted from Cox, P. The meaning of work: Studs Terkel's Working as a teaching tool.

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Journal of Management Education, 28, I would like to extend my appreciation for the opportunity provided by the Ignatian Mentoring Program for the great support, and express my thanks to my mentor Dr. Dave Hyland for his generous time and great guidance.

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Introduction: Ethics lies at the core of Jesuit education. In this area, we have seen numerous opportunities, challenges, success stories, and failures. The earlier our students can learn this, the more our society will benefit from them.

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I made significant changes to my syllabus and course materials to integrate ethics in my operations management course using ethics-related cases, discussions, videos, and field studies. Building the connection between ethics issues and the operations course concepts helped strengthen students' knowledge in both ethics and operations management, according to the student feedback.

Course Information: MGMT - Operations Management The purpose of this course is to provide undergraduate business students with a thorough introduction to the concepts and tools needed to understand the role of the operations function in the success of an organization, and to improve the quality, productivity, and competitiveness of their organizations' core processes. Much of the content also applies to other processes in business and society. This course has lectures, experiential exercises, field studies, videos, case studies, discussions and real world application term project.

This course also stresses the importance of ethics in operations. More details will be provided in class. Ethics is an extremely important, integral part of operation for all businesses, especially in today's fast paced and globalized business world. Ethical operations bring competitiveness and challenges. For the operations topics that we cover this semester, we have ethics related discussion questions, real world field studies with short reflection report case studies, events organized by the Ethics Center of Xavier, etc.

More details are provided in class. Research has shown that these experiential learning techniques encourage in-depth understanding of the course material. The knowledge that we have acquired consists, in part, of the context or situation where they were acquired. Abstract course concepts divorced from relevant context have little meaning. Field studies help the students see the relevance of the course knowledge and motivate their interest and learning.

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This report gives an example of the ethics related field studies that the students did in my operations management course. Guidelines for the field study are as follows:. You're going to observe the quality management practice in XXX a local grocery retailer. This field study assignment is related to Quality management Chapter 6 , and is designed to facilitate your reading and make it more relevant and experiential. Can you give 10 specific examples? Read those paragraphs. How does the ethics of the employees and customers affect the quality in XXX?

And provide some solutions for the unethical behavior of the employees and customers. They identified a huge variety of ethical issues in the store and analyzed how they could affect the quality of service and products in that store. They also provided recommendations to resolve these issues. Below is a sample of their findings. Customer stealing: customers hide the products on their person or not scan items in the self check out line.

If a customer has bad attitude towards the employees then they might not be motivated to do their job correctly. A customer could break a product and not report it. This could give xxx a bad name because it might make people think they don't watch after their products closely enough.

Ethics plays a major role in quality management. I have seen at xxx before and watched a person grab a chocolate milk, drink it, and put it on top of the shelves out of sight. This unethical behavior not only increases costs for the rest of us who actually pay for our groceries, but they also affect the atmosphere due to certain clientele which in my opinion affects the quality of xxx.

There was a time in which I have seen customers in the store open up products and then put them back which causes the other customers no to buy it because it has already been open and contaminated. This act alone can cause xxx to throw away products that were perfectly fine. I have seen customers just treat the store like it was a trash dump.

They take the products and move them all over and if they do not want them while they are shopping they just throw them out of their cart. This makes shopping very hard for other customers and even harder for the employees.

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An unethical customer may return items that are perfectly and claim quality issues to make money. The unethical behavior of customers can also negatively affects the quality of xxx's products, as careless customers consistently leave refrigerator and freezer doors open, which can cause the spoilage of a significant amount of food. This can be prevented through increased monitoring of the refrigerators, and by installing a device in the refrigerators and freezers that detect any dramatic fluctuations in temperature.

In terms of customers it would be much harder for xxx to influence how they act. But an unethical customer would be one who is sick with the flu and still goes to the store.

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This could get other customers and employees sick. Xxx could help fund program that educate customers and help explain how being sick could affect others. Employees help thieves with their stealing by not paying attention in the self-checkout line or not scan items for a customer. Employees may not care after putting defective items on the shelves or taking them off the shelves. Employees may not want to put in the work to scan through the items and sort the defective and non-defective items. Employees could either have an attitude for which they care or do not care. If they do care then the products will be placed neatly, and will be taken care of and make it appealing to the customers so they will end up buying it.

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If the employee doesn't care then the product might be broken or not properly taken care of. The way the employees approach their jobs can determine if the customer has a good or a bad shopping experience and if they have a good or bad opinion of xxx. If an employee doesn't listen to the customer closely enough or if they don't care then they could give them the wrong order and the customer gets very upset. At the xxx location, they do not seem to enjoy their job and have a poor attitude, which creates a negative atmosphere. When restocking a particular good that is relatively perishable, an employee might find they'd be able to do their job more quickly if they just replaced the good as fast as possible, not paying attention to expiration dates - leading to possibly wasted product and spoiled product being left on the shelves.

The employees who abuse their positions to steal from xxx or benefit their friends or ignore customers impact the quality of service and environment of xxx. If the employees decide to make unethical decisions the business would suffer greatly. For example, if they started selling defected products or expired food to customers just because they did not want to waste it there would be many consequences. The ethics of the employees severely affect the level of quality. For example, I was at xxx last week, and I could not find where tortillas were.

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I simply walked up to an employee and they informed me where it could be found. Due to the high morals that some employees have, it can increase the level of quality at that particular xxx store. If an employee is unethical they might let items with less than desirable quality sit on the shelf in order to increase profits. The better xxx treats its employees, the better they will want to perform ethically. When employees feel like they are treated fairly and paid a fair wage, it causes a more pleasant workplace, which can drive sales and increase efficiency.

The ethics of the employees and customers affect the quality in xxx in many ways. So the customer no longer wants to go through that person's checkout lane causing them to go to the self-check-out instead. An ethical employee would remind their customers if there is any discount they can take on their purchase. It is an ethical thing to do to help the customers save some money, and the customer will return to the store because of it. In one instance in an xxx store in Downtown Cincinnati, employees were caught relabeling packages and prolonging expiration dates to be able to continue selling meat without having waste.

While they were maintaining their profits, the xxx was placing their customers in a danger that they were unaware of when purchasing products. This is unethical, and once uncovered, was damaging to profits.